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Our Home Alone - An Audioplay from the Artists at Hogan Street

With the successes of audio projects at the County and City Juvenile Detention Centers, Carl Overly, Rachel Tibbetts, and the young artists at Hogan Street Youth Center decided it would be fun to put together a holiday-themed audio play.

"What's your favorite holiday movie?"

That's the question that started the conversation that led to the final project. There were a wide variety of answers, but the group kept coming back to *Home Alone* as the most popular answer by far.

With that as a jumping-off point, the youth were asked to describe everything they remembered from the classic holiday movie. After they gave their descriptions, they watched scenes from the movie. Their reactions to those scenes and their recollections were transcribed, and it was all bundled together into a script.

Presented for your holiday enjoyment: OUR HOME ALONE

SFX credits:


van ignition and drive away:

vehicle driving by:

engine start up and shut down:

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