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PPA Movie: The Voice Within

The term “true crime” is zeitgeist these days. Humanity’s fascination with the “hows” and “whys” of murder and other crimes has made shows like Unsolved Mysteries comfortable and somehow harmless even. We believe that family, friends, loss, pain, and sometimes even forgiveness lie behind each of those stories.

Prison Performing Arts: The Voice Within is Lisa Rhoden Boyd's powerful and unforgettable documentary which showcases a range of human emotion and urges us to learn, share, and grow along with the individuals in the film.

Taking a deeper look at incarcerated individuals for who they are as people, not just as a crime they committed, experience a two-week Prison Performing Arts workshop along with inmates at the women’s prison in Vandalia, Missouri. An unforgettable journey of soul searching and honesty, witness the transformational power becoming actors and artists has on these women’s lives.

There's many ways to watch, including Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Peacock! See exactly what type of impact your donations can have in real people's lives.

To continue impacting lives and supporting the arts, you can donate here!

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