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Last month at Hogan Street, justice-involved youth painted beautiful works of art under the guidance of St. Louis-based painter and filmmaker, Maxine du Maine. This class was part of our Learning Through the Arts program, which provides year-round after-school and weekend performing arts classes in acting, dance, music, visual arts, and writing for youth and young people at four facilities and one program with the City Family Court across the St. Louis area.

“I always had a passion for reaching kids that grew up in a similar fashion to how I grew up - in the same areas, all that stuff - just to be an influence. When I was growing up, I was going through a lot of things, and it seemed so difficult and like I’d never overcome those obstacles, so I love being a direct example like, ‘Yeah, I grew up on that same street, and I’m here’; Two degrees, 22, black woman. So that’s why I got so excited that I got to work [with these students.] I’m using art to reach them in a positive way and to put a smile on their face if I can.”

— Maxine du Maine, Resident Artist

“I’m really proud of the work the young people accomplished. It was a really special process as many youth painted family members, friends who had passed away, or even artists that inspired them. I think it was a healing process for all of them.”

— Rachel Tibbetts, Director of Youth Programs

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