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Waiting for hecate


Written by: e.k. doolin

Directed by: Rachel Tibbetts

Acting Ensemble: Autumn Hales, Hazel McIntire, Katherine Leemon
Assistant Director, Editor, and Graphic Design: Eric Satterfield


On October 27th 2022, just in time for Halloween, the Prison Performing Arts Alumni Theatre Company presented Waiting for Hecate, an original play by local playwright, e.k. doolin.


The piece was commissioned for an ensemble of three actors who reside outside of the St. Louis area and meet-up virtually for weekly rehearsals. In conversation with the classical texts of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, this play was also inspired by the ensemble members themselves.

The synopsis of the play involves three, well, let’s call them weird sisters: Malkie, Paddy and Harper. As reflected by the title, they are all waiting, and it’s been a minute. Who they are waiting for might be less important than simply who they are, or where they come from, or why they are waiting in the first place? They are existential existentialists, who ponder the existence of existing. They also ponder cats, books, chewing gum and the mythological Piasa bird, which is painted on the Eastern bluffs of the mighty Mississippi near Alton, Illinois.


In preparation for the performance, which is available for streaming on this site, the ensemble researched the classical texts that influenced the play, as well as 17th century English history surrounding witches and their animal familiars. Throughout the process, these actors enhanced the script with their own unique talents and experiences. The finished product is woven together under the direction of PPA’s own Artistic Director, Rachel Tibbetts.

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