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A chilling night of one-acts


October 5-8, 2024

3333 Washington Ave.

St. Louis, MO


The Privilege of Being Second: In a gripping dystopian tale, society is governed by a chilling rule: second born children are forcibly taken by the government. Within this bleak world, Reese Winter, a second born, has spent his life concealed within the confines of his home, shielded from a fate he dreads. However, as he nears adulthood, an insurmountable desire awakens within him, accompanied by seemingly unattainable dreams. Yet, lurking beneath the surface lies a family secret that holds the power to shatter the oppressive status quo and change everything. In this riveting tale, the resilience of the human spirit intertwines with a dystopian reality, weaving a suspenseful story that explores sacrifice, hope, and the power of truth.



Waiting for Hecate involves three, well, let’s call them weird sisters: Malkie, Paddy and Harper. As reflected by the title, they are all waiting, and it’s been a minute. Who they are waiting for might be less important than simply who they are, or where they come from, or why they are waiting in the first place? They are existential existentialists, who ponder the existence of existing. They also ponder cats, books, chewing gum, and the mythological Piasa bird, which is painted on the Eastern bluffs of the mighty Mississippi near Alton, Illinois.


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