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In Memoriam

Amy Sherrill (1970-2022)

Amy was a dedicated actor while she was at WERDCC in Vandalia, performing in the following PPA productions:

  • Julius Caesar

  • The Dayroom Club

  • The Flying Doctor

  • The Rover

  • Run-On Sentence

  • Hip Hop Hamlet

  • Animal Farm

  • The Tempest


After her release in 2019, Amy became a consistent member of the Alumni Theatre Company ensemble and participated in Kept Away, The Bridge Watcher, and was in rehearsals for another digital play with her dear friends and fellow Alumni, Autumn and Hazel.


Amy had the best comedic timing we’ve ever seen on stage. Her distinctive laugh was contagious; we couldn’t stop smiling when she was in the room. Amy’s honest opinions and reactions were refreshing - her unfiltered comments were always the source of side-splitting laughter for her castmates, directors, and friends. Amy’s authenticity shone in the documentary “The Voice Within,” directed by Lisa Rhoden Boyd, as she invited us to be a part of her journey. She was inquisitive and always took care of people. In the Fall of 2021, Amy and her daughter Lauren (another PPA Alum), drove to St. Louis from Hannibal to see a performance of Elsinore - the joy of seeing them there together was a highlight for cast, staff, and supporters.


Amy was a show-stopper in every imaginable way - losing her hurts. But her legacy lives on in each one of us who knew her. She’s certainly entertaining the angels today, and hugging those who have gone before her. Rest easy, Amy.

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