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In Memoriam

Danny Kohl (1929-2016)

Danny served as a board member of Prison Performing Arts for more than a decade, acting as a friend, advocate, and mentor for several incarcerated artists involved in the program. He never missed an opportunity to spread the good word about PPA. If you met him—for even a minute—you had the PPA postcard from his pocket and an open invitation to prison performances. Danny's unwavering dedication to social justice, civil rights, education, and the environment was unmatched.



by Patty Prewitt

Damn it, Danny – I wasn’t done with you.

I didn’t get enough of your eye-twinkling smile

and rib squeezing, heel-lifting hugs, and

your stories – even the ones I’d heard before

and before that.


I wasn’t done introducing you to our new actors

and watching you size them up while you pull

them in under your protective eagle wing.

The first time I called you Captain-Save-a-Ho,

you reared back and bellowed so hard you choked.

I loved you from the get-go.


Damn it, Danny – I wasn’t done arguing over

Everything we’re not supposed to debate in polite company.

No concern over political correctness, we just shared

As those who truly love each other can.

You were sharp, opinionated, nosy, generous and

charming – yes, Mister Charm, flashing your tired and true



You and Daddy fought ferociously to witness

me walk out of these gray gates into technicolor freedom.

The burden of their disappointment bows my back.


Damn it, Danny – you slipped away

when I wasn’t watching.

I wasn’t done with you

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