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In Memoriam

George Lombardi 1947-2022

George spent about 4 decades working inside prisons - surrounded by the good, the bad, and the ugly. He had more reason than most to be jaded about men and women involved in the justice system - but he wasn’t. He was the opposite. He saw the humanity of each person. He was instrumental in establishing Missouri Puppies for Parole. After retirement, he served on the boards for Laughing Bear Bakery and Prison Performing Arts. He believed in and cared about returning citizens.

George contributed so very much to PPA and was a steadfast advisor and advocate .

Most importantly, he was a friend to the organization and of all of us.

He will be dearly missed.


I was so fortunate to work alongside him at PPA. He consistently invited Alumni to join him at PPA events and often purchased tickets specifically for them to attend.

The world often gives us so many reasons to assume the worst about people - George bucked that idea and not just assumed, but believed, the best. We could all learn from that. I know I have.

– Shannon Durio, friend and colleague

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