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In Memoriam

Laura Kay Hulsey (1992-2019)

After her release from prison in 2018, Laura continued her artistic journey with PPAs Alumni Theatre Company. Laura had turned her life around and exemplified the personal power and dedication required for her well-being and success in the community.  In every way, Laura was able to realize her dreams – both personal and artistic.  She was working three jobs, considering enrollment in college, and pursuing theatre. Laura had just made her professional debut in St. Louis with SATE Ensemble in the production "Antigone," reprising a role she played while incarcerated – but now as a free, employed actor for a flourishing St. Louis theatre company.


“Laura was able to make peace with her past to bring happiness to many, many others through PPA; acting, singing, teaching, and dancing. Laura was always my light in life and PPA gave her the opportunity to be the light for others, and for that, I am forever grateful.”


– Sarah Hulsey, Laura’s sister

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