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In Memoriam

Micah Shurtleff (-2022)

Micah joined PPA at NECC where he performed in several productions including Soothsayin', The Tempest, and A Memory of Two Mondays. He joined the Alumni in 2020 and performed in both the Kept Away series and Elsinore


Here is a piece Micah wrote for an Alumni Theatre Company project in 2022:

I love you guys.
I love Margo. I love my mom. I love my dad. I love when my dad comes to help me and teach me. I love my niece and nephews. I love my friends.

I love… some things about my job.

I love my changes.

I love my van. My new, used truck. My camper.
I love the people that have let me move to their backyard.
I love that Margo now has a job.

I love making beautiful things of nothing.
I love my dogs.
Did I say I loved my van?

I love spring and summer
I love…
Gummi worms.
And I love chicken.
I love chicken.
I love being able to pay rent.

I love making beautiful things of nothing.
Like right now…


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