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Bronson was once a resident at Hogan Street Regional Youth Center, where he participated in Prison Performing Arts’ programming. He discovered a passion for guitar and began working with PPA Teaching Artist, Michael Amoroso.Bronson was released last summer and purchased his own guitar; he also re-connected with Michael. The two have continued lessons and have performed together in professional venues.

“It has again been an honor being a ‘music mentor’ to Bronson,” Michael shared. “I would say ‘guitar teacher,’ but honestly he ends up teaching me and pushing me more and more each session.”

PPA began programming in juvenile justice and correctional centers 20 years ago. Director of Youth Programs, Rachel Tibbetts, has led these programs since 2005. She is pictured here with Bronson and Michael at their recent performance of “Always… Anna Blair” at the Blue Strawberry.

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