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the society of dream interpreters

Wednesday, Feb 22 @ 6:30pm

Missouri Eastern Correctional Center

Adapted from writing by MECC Artists

Curated by Courtney Bailey

Directed by Bess Moynihan

Visual Art Gallery Curation by Maria Ojascastro

Where do our dreams go? Can we send messages through our dreams, and how are those messages interpreted?


In The Society of Dream Interpreters, we encounter a group of interpreters working at a Post Office in-between-worlds. Dreams arrive like letters, written in garbled gibberish that only the dream interpreters can read. With the help of their trusty hagstones and their genuine desire to see the true meaning of dreams, our interpreters sift through the chaos of dreams about love, separation, and the overwhelming desire to connect.


The text of this play is constructed from original writing from MECC artists, composed throughout Prison Performing Arts' Arts and Healing program.

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