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Meet Actor Alicen Kramer-Moser

"I have been eager to work with a program like PPA ever since I was a teenager helping to plan a Vacation Bible School musical program with a woman who taught music in a men's prison every weekend. During Antigone I was lucky enough to have a chance to work with an extremely skilled graduate of PPA, Laura Hulsey, who shared a little about how meaningful the program had been for her. Stepping into this production, I'll be thinking of Laura with lots of love, and I bet she would have agreed that PPA is just the perfect place for such a unique and exciting piece of theater"

Alicen Kramer-Moser is thrilled to be making a PPA debut with such an exciting piece.

She is a Graduate of St. Louis University, with a BA in Theatre and a MA in English Literature, where she was able to study and examine multiple of Margaret Atwood's works!

Recent Credits include the current touring company of Say Something Do Something at Metro Theater Company, Irina in Moscow! (ERA), Creon in Antigone (ERA/SATE) and Eva Jackson in The Rimers of Eldritch (SLU).

Alicen is a Co-founder and Co-Artistic director of Poor Monsters, a theater company dedicated to highlighting the voices of gender minorities through experimental recreations of classic works.

She would like to thank this lovely cast and crew for their warm welcome and encouragement.

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