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New Show at NECC - The Caverns of Wingwood


(a parable of reptilian philosophy)

Inspired by writing from artists at Northeast Correctional Center

with Prison Performing Arts

Curated and adapted by Courtney Bailey

Directed by Rachel Tibbetts

Assistant Directed by Miranda Jagels Félix

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Northeast Correctional Center 13698 Airport Road, Bowling Green, MO 63334

MATINEE - 1:00pm (12:30pm check-in)

EVENING - 6:00pm (5:30pm check-in)

When two explorers, Socrates and Glaucon, go searching for a special mineral in the Caverns of Wingwood on Planet Brightside, they accidentally unearth a whole community of cave dwellers who've never seen the sun. But there's something amiss with the underground inhabitants of Planet Brightside: they appear to be men, but they believe that they are dragons. The Dragonfolk struggle to make sense of life above ground, and a visit from a mysterious dead writer helps them ask the hardest question: Is it ever possible to return to the cave after you've seen the sun? The Caverns of Wingwood is a meditation on what it means to wake up to a new reality of freedom, written and developed in collaboration with NECC artists.

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