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PPA Speakers Series - Courtney Bailey

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Join Missouri Humanities and Prison Performing Arts at an in-person presentation and playwriting workshop!

Led by local playwright, Courtney Bailey, who adapted stories from PPA’s Alumni Theatre Company into their upcoming production of The Golden Record, this workshop will discuss some strategies for writing a play that breaks all the rules.

What makes a play "weird," and what's the benefit of writing something that many people may not understand? The reality is that working on a "weird" play allows you to see new possibilities for how stories are told and how healing might take place.

In this workshop, we'll explore ways to break out of traditional patterns of playwriting, including leading with atmosphere, writing impossible stage directions, and leaning into tragicomedy, among others. Using Elinor Fuch's model of viewing a play as a "small planet," we'll map out ways to build our own planets with intention, strangeness, and joy.

Get your tickets for this workshop here!

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PLEASE NOTE: This event is available for anyone aged 18+.

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